Western Oromia: Execution in the Public Square

Addis Ababa, May 12, 2021 – (EthioHeadlines) –Members of the Ethiopian National Defense Force executed Amanuel Wondimu Kebede in a public square in Dambii Dollo, Western Oromia. The soldiers snatched this 17 year old innocent young man from his mother’s home.  They brought him to the public square in the middle of the city with his hands tied in the back and a pistol hanging from his neck by a rope.

He was executed in broad daylight after the local population was forcefully summoned to watch the execution. They announced to residents of the town to come and watch the killing. Amanuel was a cross bearer in his local Coptic Church.

Eye-Witness Account

Here is an eye-witness account of what transpired.

“They first brought him to the public square, tied him up, and forced the townspeople to come out. They kept him in tied in the square for three hours until many people arrive. The soldiers made a video of him tied up. Then one of the soldiers ordered him to look to his back and loaded his AK47.

The soldier then asked him, “how do you like to die?” Amanuel sat on the edge of the square and lied back facing the soldier as if saying ‘this way is as good as any’. While he was looking at the soldier, the soldier shot him point-blank in his face. A white substance shot out of his head. The soldiers then chased the people away.

Amanuel’s mother came and fell down on his dead body, and the soldiers beat her severely. We saw all that has transpired and run away. That is what happened.”

Why Public Execution

The Execution of Amanuel manifests the hostility and violence against the Oromo who defy Abiy’s brutal regime. It also shows that Abiy Ahmed is resorting to the 1977-78 Derg regime’s strategy of Red Terror where tens of thousands of young people were point-blank assassinated. The public execution is done with the goal of warning the Oromo that the authorities will kill anyone with utmost savagery and with impunity. 

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