President Joe Biden Issues a Statement on the Crisis in Ethiopia

Addis Ababa, May 26, 2021 – (EthioHeadlines) – In a statement posted on the White House website, President Joe Biden expressed his deep concern about the escalating violence in multiple parts of Ethiopia.

He called for the end of large-scale human rights abuses including widespread sexual violence in Tigray. The President reasoned that “political wounds cannot be healed through force of arms.” He stated that all parties “in particular the Ethiopian and Eritrean forces, must allow immediate, unimpeded humanitarian access to the region in order to prevent widespread famine.”

Ethiopia is home to over 80 nations, nationalities, and peoples. The president writes that the United States “urges Ethiopia’s leaders and institutions to promote reconciliation, human rights, and respect for pluralism.” In doing so, the President puts his finger on what many in Ethiopia have been advocating for years. Respect for diversity and pluralism is the only way to preserve “the unity and territorial integrity of the state.” The attempt by the ruling Prosperity Party and Amhara leaders to fold the multinational federation and install a unitary government is considered as the major issue currently threatening the continuation of Ethiopia as a state.

President Biden calls that the “Government of Ethiopia and other stakeholders across the political spectrum should commit to an inclusive dialogue.” So far, the Ethiopian government has turned down calls for an all-inclusive dialogue. It is only through working together that the nations, nationalities, and people of Ethiopia can “build a shared vision for the country’s political future and lay the foundation for sustainable and equitable economic growth and prosperity.”

The President declared that the US is committed to “helping Ethiopia address these challenges.” The U.S. Special Envoy for the Horn of Africa, Jeff Feltman, will lead a renewed U.S. diplomatic effort. He is also tasked to find a resolution to the dispute over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

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