Large Demonstrations Protesting Attacks on Amharas: Critics Refute It

Addis Ababa, April 21, 2021 – (EthioHeadlines) – Hundreds of thousands of Amharas took to the streets of the state’s major cities and towns including Bahr Dar, Debre Markos, Waldiya and several others. The demonstrators protested  what they call attacks on Amharas in the Oromia zone of northern Shoa and southern Wallo as well as on Amharas residing in different parts of Oromia and Benishangul national states. They put the blame on the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) which they call Oneg-Shane.

Observers agree that the conflicts have, indeed, occurred but they strongly refute the cause and the perpetrators. According to critics, the perpetrators of the conflicts were the Amhara themselves. They argue that the Amhara state is engaged in territorial expansion and land-grabbing and accuse it of  dispatching well-armed Amhara militia who carried out attacks on the Oromo of northern Shoa and Southern Wallo killing several hundreds and dislocating a quarter million people. Critics also argue that the Amhara state sent agent-provocateurs to Wallaga and several places in Oromia state to conduct raids on the Amhara settlers to blame it on the Oromo. This laid grounds for an all-out invasion by the Amhara militia under the guise of federal defense forces.

Critics also argue that the demonstrations are aimed at distracting the attention of the world community from the atrocities and crimes against humanity that the Amhara militia committed in Tigray as well as in parts of Oromia. While the Amhara deny this, critiques say that there is a mounting evidence incriminating their militia of conducting genocide and ethnic cleansing in both areas.  For instance, Aljazeera recently reported that: “The UN says it has corroborated grave violations that could amount to ‘war crimes and crimes against humanity’ in Ethiopia’s Tigray region” and Oromia.  The European Union and the United States Secretary of State Antony Blinken have both called for the removal of Amhara militia from Tigray.

Critics conclude that the Amhara state and elite are very much concerned about the consequences of the actions of their militia and the demonstrations are simply to give a cover for their acts of genocide and ethnic cleansing they conducted on the Oromo and the peoples of Benishangul by playing victim.

The current demonstrations in Amhara towns are part of a carefully orchestrated campaign by the Amhara elite, politicians, security forces and by people of Amhara origin residing in different parts of the world who are engaged in weekly demonstrations in Washington, D.C., and in several European capitals in defense of their fellow Amhara militias who committed genocide and atrocities against humanity in Tigray, Oromia and Benishangul states.

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